Monday, July 19, 2010

Photostory and the cake thief

"I gotta climb up here to get the big sweet thing!"

"Almost there!!"

"Finally! Okay...I have to be sly..."




Wednesday, July 14, 2010


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At nearly 2 1/2, you personality is definitely shining through. Here are the funny quirks you have at this age.

- When talking about yourself, you refer to yourself as "she." For example, if you want to go swimming, you say "She wants to go swimming!" A funny one you said today was, "she won't pee pants."

- If you hear someone coming when you are laying with me in the morning, or any other time you have a blanket around, you hide under the covers. While doing so, you whisper "shh shh! hide! hide! hide!" quickly, and wiggle your way under the covers. You're still for a while, and then you can't take it anymore, and you wiggle and giggle.

- You hate being told no, and when you do, you fight your way into what you want. Sometimes it works, and other times, it can land you in time out.

- You love "snacks" and don't eat much of your main meal. As long as you try it, it's okay, since you're a big girl for your age (in a good way!) and are happy and healthy!

- You only get your beloved binkie at night time, nap time, and sometimes in the car. You still ask for it sometimes, but much less than when this first started.

- You wake up in the morning with a VERY wet diaper, and say "I'm soaked."

- You must go to sleep watching "Einsteins," with your binkie, blankie, and juice.

- You are 32 pounds.

- You try to buckle yourself in your car seat, and if I ask you "what do you do with the clip?" you slide it up all the way to your neck, and then down a little bit to where it's supposed to be.

- You can also slide the clip down and wiggle your arms out of the straps. You get a big no-no when this happens!

- You love to scream. And LOVE to hang upside down.

- today, you crawled into the swimming pool box out in the yard, and just chilled there for a while.

- when I swing you in your swing side to side, you say "craaaadle. craaaadle" over and over, with a little smirk on your face.

- You love to spin in your swing. You love to spin in general. What we love about it is watching you try to walk while dizzy. Too funny!

- You love to lick everything. Including things that shouldn't be licked. Like park swings. Gross! You especially love to lick the surface of the water in the pool.

- You're still a little bit scared of the water in the pool, but you're WAY better than last summer, where you didn't even like your floatie.

-When Mommy dunks you under the water in the pool, you rub your eyes and blow raspberries when you come back up.

- Your favorite word, like most two year olds, is "no."

- We're trying to teach you how to ask nicely. When we ask you to ask nicely by telling you to repeat what we say, (I.E. Jacklynn, can you ask "Auntie, can I get down please?) it normally works and you ask nicely and get your way.

- You do a hilarious fake laugh when everyone else is laughing, whether you get it or not. Also, there was a part on an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that Auntie thought was funny. Now, whenever we get to that part, you laugh.

- Your vocabulary is amazing, and you can repeat pretty much everything we ask you to. You speak in long sentences pretty clearly to us, though other people may not understand right away. You sometimes talk in gibberish, too. Some people think you are much older than you are because of your vocabulary and by how tall you are!

- Your hair is CRAZY long and incredibly curly. You don't like having it brushed, but you get over it after a little while.

If I think of more, I'll add to it, but this is a pretty big list!

29 months


Today you met the 29 month mark. In English, that means you're just a month away from being 2 1/2! My goodness how time flies. I love you so much, even though you can throw a tantrum like the best of them. You are growing up before our eyes, and I can't believe how quickly time is going by. I still remember waking up in the middle of the night when I was spending the night, hearing you cry your cute hungry cry...and I would scuffle my way to the kitchen to fix you a bottle. I LOVED the snuggling I got while feeding you. You were like a baby bird when the bottle was brought to you, you'd open your mouth as wide as you could. Then, you gulped down your food as fast as you could, with your eyes closed.

Now, you feed yourself, you talk, you sleep through the night, and sometimes (most of the time) you don't want anything to do with snuggles. But, you have your moments where you'll give in and snuggle under a blanket on the couch. You have a big personality, and you are a definite social butterfly.

I love you, punky face! I am so excited to see you grow!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pretty Girl

Model Pose

"Jacky, say fartknocker" is what her Papa said as this was being taken. It was taken at the end of her saying the word. Haha.

"Oh no!"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just Some Pictures

We follow warning labels....usually.


She knows she isn't supposed to touch this...

Monkey baby

Auntie's shoes!

"I seep in Auntie bed!"

I always seem to catch her mid-sentence.


Bright Light!

I added more pictures to the post below, as well!